Announcing the new "SM" chassis system for the Barnard S action, the model S is a robust three lug design that accepts the Remington style trigger, the SM chassis is available as a single shot or repeater  (AICS magazine) and can be built in target, tactical or varmint configurations (tactical conf ...
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Were very proud to announce the new Stealth take down rifle system, manufactured by Pierce Engineering, it uses a new titanium action designed for our all new Stealth chassis system, the Stealth system is lightweight, packs into a very small space, is highly accurate, and is easily assembled in seco ...
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New CMI Action Slick

If you love your new custom bolt action rifle but have experienced some issues with "bolt binding" especially with Titanium actions, or just want to make your bolt action rifle as smooth and slick as possible, this is what you've been waiting for, a very light application of CMI ACTION SLICK provide ...
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picklefork 001
Now you can have the same super low boreline, long "wheelbase" and vertical sides of our innovative F1 F class chassis system for you tube chassis, the new "pickleforks" attach directly to the sides of the F class/Tactical forends, no modifications are required, they are very rigid with no flex or t ...
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